Company Information

Here at A-OK Inspection Services all Inspectors are rigorously trained in all aspects of home construction. As in most professions, our inspectors constantly upgrade their skills through continuing education programs. Our Inspectors have taken and passed the National Home inspectors Exam (NHIE – required by most states). Also we are members of the International Association of Professional Home and Commercial Property Inspectors (INTERNACHI).

What does this mean? We take pride in going the extra mile in getting certified and keeping up with our Continuing Educational Units. (CEUs).  We are dedicated solely to the training, education and support of pre-purchase home inspectors. We complete our inspections to INTERNACHI standards.

A-OK Inspection Services strives to stay at the cutting edge of new technologies to better serve you. Our inspection reports are easy to read and are available in digital format. Pictures are embedded directly into the report – no flipping back and forth between pages!

We are termite certified by the Department of Agriculture of New Mexico. License number: 62719. Licensed and insured in the State of New Mexico.

When we inspect we fully get into our work i.e., we get into the pool on pool inspections. We check all electrical receptacles not just random testing.

As it name suggest, the Total Home Inspection looks at all aspects of the home listed below that are available to the Inspector. It includes: Roof…..Attic…..Foundation…..Plumbing System…..Electrical System…..Heating/Cooling System…..Ceilings…..Walls…..Floors…..Air Vents…..Doors……Windows…..Fireplaces…..Exterior Siding…..Lot Drainage…..Decks/Porches/Patios…..Driveways…..Garage/Carports…..Energy Recommendations…..Maintenance Tips

This is of course, just one of the many inspection options available. Other services include Condo Inspections and many other items such as Pools, Hot Tubs, Sprinklers and Wells.